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IMPORTANT: this project has been rolled into, and superseded by, the SCSFContrib project.

The SCSFContrib project includes a complete rewrite of the WPF/CAB layer that focuses on correctness, usability and performance. It is backed by a large suite of unit and functional tests and also includes comprehensive API and user documentation. You should migrate from this implementation to SCSFContrib as soon as possible.

Note that there are some breaking changes in the migration (mostly minor in impact). Here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • UI element insertion indexes are now specified by an attached property rather than hijacking the FrameworkElement.Tag property.
  • Workspaces can be configured in XAML rather than requiring code-behind. As an example, see the ZoneWorkspace documentation.
  • There are no modifications to the CAB core. Hence, the IWorkspace.SmartPartActivating event is no longer present.

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